Knowledge Management

It’s not what you know that halts progress
it’s what you don’t know—and we’re here to help

Government Executive Consulting Services (GECS) assists our clients that want information and knowledge to flow to and between the right people at the right time and in the right format so newly hired staff members can receive entity knowledge to efficiently and effectively create value for the organization.

GECS created a Knowledge Management Tool-Kit Guide that can assist any business to improve the flow of information between newly hired staff and veteran staff that may be leaving for a new job opportunity or retiring. Knowledge Management is a major problem for many businesses and Government Agencies. With individuals leaving their current employer for a new job with a new employer or baby boomers retiring from the work force, many businesses and Government Agencies are left with a serious problem when individuals leave and all of the knowledge leaves with them.

Allow GECS to share its Knowledge Management Tool-Kit guide that will resolve the knowledge information sharing problem that many businesses and Agencies face daily.

GECS Government Knowledge Management service includes:
  • Business Knowledge Management assessment
  • Identify clients strengths and weaknesses of knowledge information sharing procedures
  • Provide Knowledge Management Tool-Kit Guide
  • Provide Knowledge Management information highway