Federal Government Resumé Preparation

Your Federal resumé can be a powerful tool
GECS will ensure your talent stands out

Government Executive Consulting Services (GECS) assists our clients that want to secure job interviews with Selecting Officials in the Federal Government by preparing resumes that clearly explains their work experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and core competencies. In today’s competitive Government job market, it is critical that resumes highlight and align with what Human Resource Specialists are looking for before they forward the best resumes to Selecting Officials to schedule interviews.

Your Federal resume can be your most powerful tool for showcasing the value you offer to potential Government Agencies.  An outstanding resume projects a confident, successful image that differentiates you from others which enhances your chances of making the short list of candidates that get selected for interviews.

An excellent Cover Letter generates interest and gains the attention of hiring managers before they decide if they want to interview you.

Narrative statements such as Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs), Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQs), and Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) typically address key qualifications relevant to a specific vacancy or job series.

Executive roles will generally require ECQs and MTQs with your applications; other vacancies will generally request narratives in subsequent stages of the hiring process. Your responses to these questions are graded and can be critical to the success of your Federal application.

GECS can produce Federal resumes that are free of industry or military jargon and include key information such as responses to KSAs. GECS resumes are compatible with, which is the Federal Government’s official website where they post their job vacancies.

If you have identified a specific job announcement, GECS is ready to write your resume according to specific instructions, duties, and minimum qualifications found in the job announcement. We know how to read and translate Federal vacancy announcements. We develop and articulate individual government resume packages, complete with appropriate keywords, focusing on your key strengths, core competencies, and major accomplishments, to meet the criteria of open announcements – strongly qualifying you against established ranking factors. GECS helps clients make it EASY to get hired!

GECS Government Resume service includes:
  • One on one interview to gather work history information and career goals assessment
  • Resume preparation (Microsoft Word and PDF versions included)
  • Cover Letter preparation (Microsoft Word and PDF versions included)