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Classified Contracts: The Facility Clearance Process & Expectations

August 27, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

To educate the small business community on what is expected and required to perform on classified Department of Defense contracts.

About this Event

Classified Contracts: The Facility Clearance Process & Expectations

This is the 3rd time the Small Business Hub has done this Collider, the Hub feels like it is a necessity for Small Businesses to learn this much needed process. Small Businesses are initially excited to win DoD contracts and then they learn all the business essentials that come along with working with the Department of Defense – like Facility Security Clearances.

In this virtual Collider you will learn:

  • Facility Clearance Process
  • Facility Clearance Maintenance
  • Potential Costs
  • Common Application Accesses
  • Summary of the Processes
  • Resources
  • And Question and Answer Session with the WPAFB AFMC/IP (Information Protection) office expert

What is a classified contract?

  • Any contract requiring access to classified information by a contractor or his or her employees in the performance of the contract
  • You are able to bid on a classified contract even though the company does not have an active facility clearance

This is just a small snip-it of what you will learn during this Collider. Every year the Hub has this event, we get great feedback and special thanks to the speaker for breaking down barriers to this complex process.